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Piano, Cello & Violin Lessons in Singapore

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Give your son or daughter an expert-led education. At Praise, we recognise that every child’s musical talent is unique. Each child is different from the next, from learning styles to pace and capabilities.

As such, we offer a wide variety of programs that cater each child’s individuality. These music lessons are led by our growing range of highly qualified and dedicated teachers, and include everything from pre-school group music appreciation courses to an Accelerated Program for gifted musicians.

Why enrol in a music school?

The benefits of a musical education expand beyond music itself. The “Mozart Effect” was first described by French researcher Alfred A. Tomatis in 1991. His book Pourquoi Mozart expounded the positive effects of classical music on the brain. In 1993, Rauscher et al. proved this effect to be a result of increased spatial intelligence. Subsequent studies have found that the increase in IQ and/or spatial ability has less to do with Mozart and more to do with any and all forms of music that has energetic and positive emotional qualities.

What this means is that by letting your child receive musical instruction, you give them a head start over their peers in terms of higher mental performance; whether it’s better mathematical logic, literacy, I.Q level or memory skills. These benefits extend to any instrument. It doesn’t matter if the student is engaged in singing, piano lessons or violin lessons, simply having an understanding of music – which is unlike any other field of study – broadens the child’s horizons and skill set.

Music lessons with top violin and cello teachers in Singapore

We are an established music school in Singapore with 10 years of experience helping many of our students get into the schools of their choice (SOTA, ACSI, Methodist Girls Secondary, St. Margaret’s). We only recruit the best and those who are passionate to impart their skills.  Over the years, we are proud to have assisted over 300 candidates in achieving outstanding results in the ABRSM examinations, and in providing a performance platform for a holistic education through our Praise Chamber Music Series.

Our studio facilities at Bukit Batok are designed to allow our students round the year opportunities to perform with the faculty to hone their performance skills. We offer group and individual programs for a range of instruments, with some of the most comprehensive and accessible guitar lessons, violin lessons and piano lessons in Singapore.

And to put “creativity” into music making, we’ve even written our own improvisation books. This dedication ensures that students who engage our institution for music lessons are not only well trained technically in classical music, they are also confident to accompany in the church or “just have fun” arranging their own accompaniments.

We want to be a premier music school in the neighbourhood delivering top quality education for piano, keyboard, oboe, flute, guitar, ukulele, cello, violin and viola at affordable prices.

Our high standards and our holistic curriculum makes us the school of choice for any serious student of music. With branches across Singapore, it’s easy to give your child the best possible musical education.

Contact our school on by sending a message to or fill in our contact form. You can also call our hotline on 6467 1033.