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Twelve Lessons and Duets for the Advancing Flautist


AuthorDouglas Walter Scoot
PublisherJ.D. Consultants; Collaboration with Praise Music School
SynopsisThese lessons and duets are intended to bridge the gap between the beginner and intermediate levels of flute playing , where the focus is on solidifying the basic techniques and principles.
This book is not intended to be used in isolation, rather it is envisaged that it be used in conjunction with other material such as beginner and intermediate technical methods, study books, and exam or performance pieces over the course of a year or more.

Fun with Fundamentals of Improvisation! Applied Improvisation Method (Grades 1, 2 & 3)


AuthorWong Wing Kwan
PublisherPraise Music School
SynopsisApplied Improvisation Method is the understanding of improvisation through the use of fundamental Western music theory while consistently applying and performing the physical and mental concepts behind those theories.
Throughout these books, various concepts of supplementary piano improvisatory skills are presented through creative exercises and practical skills, which helps players to gather technical keyboard skills and subsequently apply them in a creative way to kick-start their improvisatory instincts!