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I am happy to have enrolled my girls in Praise Music School. Both Ms Li and Teacher Shirley are good piano and flute teachers respectively.The girls are progressing well in their instruments and they look forward to their weekly piano and flute lessons which is the most important. Praise also gives their students yearly opportunity to perform which further boost their confidence in the instruments they are playing. Thank you!

Parent Evelyn, students Kendra and Kaydence

Throughout my work week, I look forward to my oboe class! I work as if I am a full time music student!
My teacher, Mr Zhao Xiao Dan, gives me room and paces me according to my ability: he has a sharp knowledge of my weaknesses, improves them and polishes my strengths. I appreciate that he guides me to hit a higher standard and allows me to perform at a level that I am comfortable with.
This school has a very friendly “chamber music” environment, creating opportunities for students to perform and hone their skills in a musical chamber. All the teachers I’ve seen are friendly, passionate and I see the students smiling brightly after their lessons, which speak so much that they enjoy their lessons here!


We want to thank Ms Lulu Li for helping our daughter, Sarah Mae to improve her piano skills from Grade 4 to 6. We are very impressed with her dedication and patience throughout, especially nearing the exams. She’s very encouraging towards Sarah. In fact, Sarah has become more motivated to play and try out new pieces on her own after attending Praise Music school. Thank you very much Ms Li!

Mrs Sandra Li

Praise ROCKS!!


I found Mr Chen Dong, John was such a brilliant teacher! Really happy that the children found a teacher in him. He has such passion. Love it.